Art and History

Musée des Augustins (Toulouse, France)

My passion for art and history led me to start a History of Art degree at the Madrid Complutense University in 2002.

After graduating in 2008, I set out on a PhD at the same university, at the Department of History of Art I (Medieval) of the College of Geography and History, with the Doctoral Programme “The Sacred and the Profane in the Medieval World”.

Since September 2015, I am a Doctor in History of Art with the Thesis: Approach to the study of gargoyles of the Gothic cathedrals of Castilla y León, a PhD thesis directed by Prof. Dr. D. Santiago Manzarbeitia Valle, Staff Professor of the Complutense University, the viva voce presentation of which was delivered on 18 September with the grade of Excellent Cum Laude.


Salamanca Cathedral

While I was at university, I discovered my fascination for medieval art and I embarked on the PhD, I reconciled my studies with other activities connected to my work.

In October 2010, I attended (not-for-credit), the Seminars entitled “Monsters in Literature and Art”, organised jointly by the Department of Classical Philology and Indo-European Linguistics (College of Philology) and the Department of History of Art I (College of Geography and History) of the Madrid Complutense University.



Since 2011, I am a Member of ICMA (International Center of Medieval Art).

Since June 2015, I am a Member of SEEM (Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales) [Spanish Society for Medieval Studies].

Dengfeng Monastery (China)



October 2016

Las Gárgolas [The Gargoyles] (October 7, 2016). Presentation given in the 5th Conference on Urban Art, Literature and Gothic Culture organized by the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Autónoma University of Madrid, The Besarilia Cultural Association and the Mentenebre Cultural Association. The conference took place at the Complutense University of Madrid.

June 2015

Las gárgolas de la Catedral Nueva de Salamanca [The gargoyles in the new Cathedral at Salamanca] (June 26, 2015). Presentation given at the 5th International Medieval Meeting Lleida. University of Lleida (Spain).



December 2016

La gárgola en el mundo hispano bajomedieval”, Revista de Iconografía Medieval, vol. VIII, nº 16, 2016, pp. 67-99. e-ISSN: 2254-853X.


Burgos Cathedral

El Burgo de Osma Cathedral