Gargoyles. Art, history, study and observation.

Here is a bit of the passion I feel for these wonderful works of art.

Studying, researching and observing gargoyles is an essential aspect of my daily work. Therefore, with this section I want to share with you some of these moments of study.

Water Drainage in Gargoyles

    Generally speaking, the water drainage spout in gargoyles is placed in the mouths of the beings and creatures we see depicted in them. This means that they are often very eloquent, with wide open mouths and sometimes exaggerated and very expressive...

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The Gargoyles on the Provincial Palace in Bruges

    History and Research. Images of Gargoyles In today's post we're returning to the wonderful city of Bruges to discover a few more of its gargoyles. Immersed in its atmosphere of magical, fairy-tale architecture, once again we find magnificent gargoyles...

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The Scream in Gargoyles. Expressiveness in Art

Art History In a previous post I talked about expressiveness in images of gargoyles. There’s no doubt that one of the most intriguing, surprising and attractive aspects of gargoyles are the gestures and expressions of these fascinating, impressive figures. One of the...

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Animal Monsters in Gargoyles

    In our discussion of the various types of gargoyles, animal monsters were included in our classification. Animal monsters are hybrid creatures that come from the combination of various animal body parts, and they tend to be fantastical and incredible...

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Gargoyles in Gata. Art History and Research

    Today's post is about one of the most interesting sets of gargoyles I've discovered on my latest trips. They are the gargoyles on the Parish Church of San Pedro in the magnificent town of Gata in the lovely province of Cáceres. And by magnificent I don't...

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The Gargoyles of the Burghers’ Lodge in Bruges

  Today’s entry is devoted to the gargoyles of the Burghers’ Lodge (Poortersloge) in Bruges, a magnificent building situated in the Jan van Eyck Square. From the 15th century the Lodge was a meeting place for the burghers of Bruges. In the 18th and 19th centuries...

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The Devil and his Portrayal in Gargoyles IV

  Art History and Research Following on from the last post about gastrocephalic devils and the snake as an animal linked to the idea of good and evil, this post begins by talking about images of the devil in woman's form. The depiction of the devil in gargoyles...

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The Devil and his Portrayal in Gargoyles III

    Art History and Research This post continues with the portrayal of the devil in gargoyles, one of their predominant themes. In Christian iconography, the snake is linked with the idea of evil and the devil. “Every creature that moves along the ground is...

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Gargoyles in Bruges (Belgium)

    In today's post we're off to Belgium to see some gargoyles in the beautiful city of Bruges (Belgium). Apart from the wonderful gargoyles on major buildings such as the City Hall, the Burghers' Lodge (Poortersloge) and the Provincial Palace (Provinciaal...

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Gargoyles on San Quirce Church in Burgos (Spain)

    Los Ausines (Burgos) is home to one of the treasures of our Romanesque period, none other than the church belonging to the old Castilian monastery of San Quirce. The monastery is said to have legendary origins. According to tradition, it was founded in...

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The Devil and his Portrayal in Gargoyles II

    We continue with devilish symbolism and its portrayal in gargoyles and, after having seen the most common features of iconography of the devil in my first post, we’re now going to look at some other interesting aspects. Apart from the images of the devil...

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